New MLM Companies 2013: The Healthy Way Of Multi-Level Marketing

There are countless of new MLM companies 2013 has to offer but those that are top ranked now have some things in common – they provide health benefits, beauty and self-care products, which are tested and proven by many consumers.  Among these include ViSalus Sciences, Amway, E. Excel International, and many more.

Below is a brief overview on each of the aforementioned MLM companies.

New MLM Companies 2013: ViSalus Sciences

ViSalus Sciences is a subsidiary of Blyth Incorporated that markets nutritional products for weight management. They offer a variety of dietary supplements and energy drinks that help their consumers lose their weight in the healthiest possible way.

ViSalus is also known for their “Body by Vi Challenge” in which consumers are encouraged to participate in this 90-day program by purchasing products and winning prizes for losing weight. They are also known for their “Refer three, get yours for free” promotion in which consumers can get their products free of charge after being able to refer 3 people to participate in the program.

New MLM Companies 2013: Amway

American Way, most commonly known as Amway, is another multilevel marketing company that offers a wide range of products – health, beauty and household products.  They operate in more than 80 countries and territories around the world, and are considered as one of the largest direct selling businesses.

Just like most, if not all, top ranked MLM companies, Amway also offers business training and support to their business partners and independent business owners (IBO).  They also provide various incentives and bonuses, depending on how you perform in the business.

New MLM Companies 2013: E. Excel International

E. Excel International is one big MLM company that focuses on nutritional immunology as a person’s best line of defense against unwanted foreign organisms which may cause deadly diseases and illnesses.  As such, their nutritional products are rich in antioxidants, polysaccharides and phytochemicals that will help strengthen their consumers’ immune system. 

“When you take care of your immune system, it will take care of you.”  This is the knowledge that every E. Exceller shares to the world.  Generally, they also use the same concept even for their beauty products.

These are just some of the top ranked MLM companies that have been successful through the years.  Whatever it is that made them a success may entice more new MLM companies 2013 may bring us – that is continuing to provide health and beauty products to consumers all over the globe.

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