Online Business Systems | Top 5 Most Profitable Ideas

Online businesses are by far the most profitable business systems out there. Think about how profitable Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Mashable, Amazon, ClickBank and many thousands upon thousands of online business systems are, that earn billions of dollars in revenue every year. But they aren't the only ones making money on the internet.

This is the most common misconception about online businesses: that you have to be huge to even think about earning some money. Have you heard of that guy that had the crazy idea to make a one million dollar page? Just one page! And he sold every pixel on that page (from a total of one million pixels) for one dollar, and one million people actually bought those pixels. Isn't that incredible!? The power of the internet is in your hands- you just have to know how use it.

Few people have crazy ideas that actually make them money, but there are other methods that are well tested and are constantly producing income for many marketers around the globe. These profitable online business systems are:

  • Blogging and earning money with Google Adsense 
  • Creating a product and selling it through your website 
  • Blogging and "renting " commercial spots on your site 
  • Creating a forum with a subscription based membership 
  • Affiliate marketing

Blogging and earning money with Google Adsense

This is one of the simplest online business systems to get into. You create a website or a blog, then setup Google Adsense, and for every click you get on the ads displayed by Google, you earn a percentage from the amount the ad owner is paying Google to display it.

Creating a product and selling it through your website

Selling a product through your site is not that difficult; however, creating the product might be a challenging task. This is one of those methods that most often requires expertise in both product creation as well as internet marketing. Usually experienced marketers opt for this route, although if you are good at creating a product and have a partner that can market it for you, that can work pretty well too.

Blogging and "renting" commercial spots on your site

Once you get enough traffic, you will find your email inbox filled with emails from website owners who sell various products, contacting you requesting a partnership. They want to buy commercial spots on your site in return for an amount of money paid every week/month.

Creating a forum with a subscription based membership

This is probably one of the most difficult online business systems, and you really need to be a mastermind in a particular field to pull this off. You also need to invest at least 12-14 hours a day in order to manage your forum-based business.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is by far one of the most profitable online business systems. Thanks to clickbank and other third-party websites that offer you products to sell in return for a commission on every sale you make, you can find yourself earning money as soon as you get decent traffic on your site. So, get a site up and running and put some affiliate products on it, and with enough work, you will earn good money.

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