Top Franchises For 2014

Buying one of the top franchises for 2014 could be a good idea for new entrepreneurs for a number of very good reasons. First of all, buying a franchise offers a tried and proven business model to follow. Often the hardest part of opening your own business is the trial and error process of finding out what works. With a franchise most of the guesswork is completely eliminated. Of course, new entrepreneurs will still need to thoroughly research any franchise opportunity that they are thinking of buying into to make sure that what the business offers, and how it is marketed, will go over well in their area. The following franchise ideas for 2014 serve to give a starting point for that research.

Anytime Fitness –

This 24 hour gym won the top spot on Franchise 500’s ® list of the best franchises for 2014. What sets this gym franchise ahead of the rest is likely the company’s focus on the importance of people – both employees and clients. A lot is invested in training and life-skill building activities and getting fit is not seen as a job, but as a personal goal that clients should achieve for themselves. The company even reimburses clients and workers if they get the company’s logo as a tattoo to symbolize a personal achievement in their lives.

Subway –

This sandwich franchise snagged the 3rd spot in the above mentioned list. Not only is the food served at Subway a healthier option than most alternatives, but one thing that franchisees can count on is brand recognition. Food franchises make a good part of any top franchise opportunities list because franchising and food go pretty well together. Food chains provide reliability for customers who want to be assured that the quality of the food and the price they will pay for that food will be the same no matter which store they go to.

Men In Kilts –

This franchise is pretty new compared to some of the other options, but I like the way that the company has approached a pretty straight forward business model (cleaning windows and exteriors) and added an aspect that is entertaining memorable. As you can probably tell from the name, this business involves men, and an increasing number of women, cleaning windows and exteriors in, well, kilts. Their tagline is “We clean. You enjoy. Just remember – no peeking!”

Internet Income University –

IIU is a free online marketing training program that also offers a unique affiliate marketing opportunity for those who are interested. Complete with full training and support and with the website and tools to get started, this is one of the best franchise opportunities for 2014 for those who are interested in learning how to sell anything, whether online or offline. The F.A.S.T. Income system has everything that new entrepreneurs need to start and run a successful online business, and a major bonus is that running a business online is much less costly than having a brick and mortar store front or office.

The above listed franchise opportunities for 2014 each have different benefits that make them appealing to entrepreneurs. Whether it is a unique service, brand recognition, or adaptability, potential franchisees can take a look at what they like about the businesses mentioned here and decide whether one of them is right for their situation, or look for the same qualities that appeal to them about these businesses when researching other opportunities.

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